My next project was called Forgotten People - I scanned slides where people were inadvertently captured in the back/foreground of architectural slides. 

These three examples are my favorites: The lady watering her roses has a Renoir-esque soft focus and elegance.

The man wearing an overcoat and trilby hat was originally taped out of the slide so he would not appear in the projection; this fact coupled with his clothing give this image the mood of a crime-thriller or mystery pulp novel.

The final image of a couple lying together in front of a ruined monastery always makes me smile. The moment I spotted this couple that occupy 4 x 2 millimetres of this slide was a delightful surprise that made me feel lucky to observe this intimate and personal moment which had perhaps not even been noticed by the photographer him/herself. 

My second project was called Expiring and Exploding

There is an apocalyptic narrative that progresses throughout these images which resonates with these object’s state of discolouring and therefore demise. 

The slides have turned red/pink over time as the chemicals within the acetate are unstable; in most cases the cyan layer fades first leaving a magenta and yellow heavy image. This makes them useless for the library and meant that they were thrown away - However, I managed to keep a collection of them.  


My first experiment with slides was to overlay two existing images to create a new collage that merges the textures, compositions and colours.

The idea came from playing with a handful of slides while sitting on a bus - I was shuffling through them and happened across three of my favourite overlays I ever made. 

For more overlays see posts from November 2011 - June 2012

I am going to start a new project using photographic slides called skin slides, but before I do I wanted to give a summary of my projects so far in the next few posts.  


Lightbox for London #122


211 Bus


Lightbox for London #82


211 Bus


Light box for London #91


211 Bus


Lightbox for London #78


176 Bus


Lightbox for London #70


Victoria Line Tube